The journey begins

This site is an ongoing project to document the transformation of an Alberg 37 into a Junk rigged sailing vessel.

The Alberg 37 is a popular boat in New England and can be found all over the world as it has a sound reputation of a solid boat capable of long distance passage making.

I can testify to that fact as I have crossed the Atlantic for times so far in my Alberg 37 sailing as far north as Iceland and as far south as The Gambia and Trinidad.

The Alberg 37 was built with two rigs – a Bermudan sloop and a Yawl version.

When I purchased this Alberg 37 in 2006 (then named Figment, hull number 111) it was rigged as a yawl. After my third Atlantic crossing I removed the missen mast and currently sail her as a sloop. The reason i removed it was twofold – first I used it very little and when I did I could not detect any improvement in its handling or performance. secondly, the missen sail interfered with my wind vane steering mechanism. The last 6,000 miles I have sailed without the missen mast and not missed it in the least.

I am currently in Nova Scotia bound for Charlottetown PEI tomorrow. I have just arrived from the Caribbean having spent the last month there and before that I was in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

This summer I plan to re-rig the boat as a Junk schooner. I will detail the reasons why in the following post (my battery is running low :-)).

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