Books about designing the Junk Rig

Just a word about the two books I’ve pasted links to on the right.

I have both these books and have designed and built Junk rigs in the past – so those are my qualifications to pass opinion on them :-).

Practical Junk RigPractical Junk Rig is the Junk rigger’s bible. It details all the principles and essential considerations that go into designing a good Junk rig for virtually any hull.

I got this book shortly after it was published over 20 years ago and still use it regularly when designing and as an indispensable reference guide.

If you’re interested in Junk rigs and would like to convert an existing hull to a sailing Junk, get this book. It’s worth every penny (however much it costs these days).

the chinese sailing rigThe Chinese Sailing Rig – Design and Build you own Junk Rig is a non-essential companion to Practical Junk Rig.

It is a smaller book, (104 pages paperback) that details how to design and install a Junk Rig as the author has successfully done it.

It doesn’t detail the principles, just a more simple step by step guide.

The methods described could be used on most hulls but the fact that it is drawn from the authors experience of Junk rigging a 46 ft ferro-cement hull has clearly limited the options he puts forward.

Whereas The Chinese Sailing Rig is essentially a ‘this is what I have done and it works guide’, Practical Junk Rig is essentially a detailed analysis of options and the underlying engineering principles that dictate those options.

If I had to suggest just one book I would select Practical Junk Rig – although I’m pleased to have both.

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