Cranes and partners

Progress has slowed on the masts due to inclement weather (not having a covered shed to work in). Nevertheless things are coming together.

mast cranes junk rigThe mast cranes have been fabricated, painted and fitted on the masts but not finally secured yet. Th cranes have been designed incorporating Derek van Loan’s lug design with a 5 point configuration detailed by Practical Junk Rig – a hybrid.

The masts are awaiting their final sanding, generous coats of raw linseed oil, and groves routered out to fit the lightening rod, navigation lights and VHF wires.

Back on the boat the mainmast partner has been fitted and glassed (picture taken before glassing). The foremast partners and step is going to be a bit more tricky due to the constricted space and 5 degree forward rake. I have considered using a steel tube with generous brackets through bolted to the deck but have now settled on a complete fiberglass/epoxy design I will construct and glass to the deck above and below. I hope to get it completed this week since it’s forecast to rain and the completion of the masts will have to wait.

I hope to have the masts ready to be stepped by mid-August. And then the sails to build ….


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