Masts installed

alberg 37 traditional rig


Finally on the 19th of September everything came together – tides, weather and available

junk rig foremast installation

installing the foremast

The whole process went smoothly without incident thanks in part to a very skilful crane operator.

After some adjustment of the step wedges the masts seem to be center aligned and the foremast with a 5% (more or less) forward rake.

Now I have to shape and fit wedges around the mast at the partners and fit a mast boot/coat to keep the rain out.

This is a major milestone in the project and I feel it’s all downhill from here. In the remaining time I have here (flying home on Halloween) I will work on constructing the yards, battens, booms and sails.

I fly back on May 1 (leaving the boat on the hard for the winter) and will finish any left over work and begin the sea trials. When all the bugs are ironed out I plan to do some cruising around Newfoundland before heading back to Ireland and Wales.

junk rig masts


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