Both sails up

junk schooner sais

so far so good 🙂

Today, for the first time, I was able to hoist both sails to see how fitted together. I was relieved to observe that the finalised sails are setting very similar to my original plan on paper.Sometimes things work!

Unconventional perhaps, but I have gone ahead with contrasting colours – black and white. I originally planned to build both sails in black but was unable to source canvas of suitable weight in black for the main but came across 54 inch white canvas (Dacron) at a super price. So white it was.

junk rig foresail

Nice set of the foresail

You might notice that the foresail only has batten pockets from the leech to where the batten parrels attach whereas the main has pockets all the way across and gaps for the batten parrels. This is because I made the main first and later found i needed more flexibility when it came to attaching the batten parrels. I had to extend the main parrels right to the luff to prevent them from binding when furling the main. I may modify the main like the foresail but for now it’s working well.

I haven’t got running topping lifts for the foresail yet as I can’t seem to find any nylon thimbles locally – just clunky galvanized ones that are heavy and could chaff the sail, or so I fear.

The biggest problem to solve is where to position all the running lines – and where to store the bulk of excess line when the sails are up and working. So far I have the halyards, luff hauling parrels and yard hauling parrels coming into the starboard of the hatch (the wider side because the hatch is on the port side of the boat) and the to sheet lines held by jam cleats on the port side.

The three main downhauls come together as a bundle on the starboard side also. I have yet to figure out how exactly to manage the topping lifts lines (4) and fore downhauls (3). I will upload more details and pictures of the layout in a few days.

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One response to “Both sails up

  1. Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear how she sails.

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