junk rig mast dis-masted st johns

Queens Cove St John’s. Broken section secured to gallows, mast and battens secured to the decks

Spent yesterday sorting out the tangled mess of running rigging, main sail and broken mast top. Amazingly, the only thing that suffered  damage (apart from the main mast itself) was the navigation lights that was bolted to the top of the mast (and I might be able to fix that).

There are no obvious signs of defect in the breakage – other than the fact that it broke where a series of knots were situated – making it a weaker spot from a structural point of view but not fatal – or one would think.

schooner junk rig broken main mast

the new look 🙂

The break occurred 20.5 feet from the top, leaving a 14.5 foot stump from the partners up. Add another 8 foot of bury and you have a break close to the center of the timber. At the break the diameter was 7 inches (18 cm).

I’m now looking for a secure place to tie up for the winter. I’ve heard that Quidi Vidi has a small secure cove where I might be able to negotiate a spot. It’s only a half an hour (that’s .5 hour for the metric minded) from here so I’ll go check it out this afternoon.

I will then start sourcing a suitable replacement mast. Steel or fibreglass tubes seem the best option. St John’s is a major industrial port now, thanks to the offshore oil boom and if I am not able find anything locally I should be able to get something shipped in.

One response to “aftermath

  1. Here is a web cam for Quidi Vidi Harbour:

    Maybe you could get a spot near the webcam so you can keep an eye on her from Wales :).

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