Bill King – Junk Rig Pioneer Dies

One of the pioneers of the Junk rig on Western boats was Bill King who is believed to be the first person to have sailed around the world, non-stop, in his Jung rigged boat, Galway Blazer II, in 1974.

I have just been made aware that he died recently at the age of 102. I post a short interview with Bill King last year (age 101) including some good footage of him sailing Galway Blazer II.

The video is 5 minutes long and definitely worth a watch if you’re at all interested in long-distance sailing and/or Junk Rigs.

One response to “Bill King – Junk Rig Pioneer Dies

  1. i never comment anything online but this men’s words are so deeply inspiring. the way he talks about his solo circumnavigating and experiencing god just leave you speechless…”there is no room for sin there”……absolutely the most profound thing i ever read about solo sailing.

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