new fore gallows design and goosewinged sailing

Fore gallows design

This year’s modification and improvement is a new gallows for the foresail. The previous one was a temporary build from spare 2×4’s. Sturdy enough to get me across the Atlantic. That was 5 years ago.

junk-rig fore gallows design

new fore gallows under construction at home

The problem with the temporary design was that the foresail sheets would get caught on the windward side when gibing. The only solution was to go on deck and move them off by hand.

The new design is curved inwards so the sheets slide up and over when gibing. I have also introduced a dip in the top centre so the furled bundle can sit in it snugly when the topping lifts are slacked. It can then be held firmly in place by tightening the sheets. This element seems to work well and am already considering building a similar gallows for the mainsail this winter.

As you can see in the picture, the fore sheets touch the gallows when the sail is fully extended, although this doesn’t seem to cause undue strain  or problems.

Sailing a schooner junk goosewinged

I have discovered that it is virtually impossible to sail goosewinged (main and foresail sheeted out to different sides of the boat) directly downwind. This is because the larger main creates a wind shadow in the foresail area. The foresail just flaps about from side to side as the boat rolls.

The only way I can sail gooswinged, utilizing the benefit of both sails downwind, is to sail with the wind coming from the aft quarter that the foresail is set. This allows both mainsail and foresail to to be fully flush with wind.

The ability to sheet a sail right out and squared is a huge benefit of junk-rig sails. It allows one to sail off the wind with a wide range of angles without needing to gibe too soon.

Below is a short clip of sailing goosewinged in this manner. Although you cannot see he wind, you can imagine it coming from the aft starboard side of the boat. Works like a charm.

goosewing from Simon Foster on Vimeo.


We are currently hanging out in Lochinver doing some maintenance and waiting for a suitable weather window to sail north Norway bound.

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