Red pine masts underway

covered bridg -new brunswick

Allie, Fran & me, New Brunswick

After a long drive (with Frances, Allie and his daughter, Alana) to Marwood in Tracyville, New Brunswick I got to inspect hundreds of Red pine logs that had been de-barked and stacked ready for shipping.

There were some really nice poles there and I selected a 45 ft and a 35 ft pole. Now it’s just a matter of arranging the shipping to my friend’s yard in PEI so I can shape them and  dress them ready for stepping.

Most of the Red pine comes from New York state, I was surprised to learn. They also process lots of Southern Yellow pine from the Carolina area.

I hope to have them here within two weeks. I feels good to have made some progress in this regard as I was starting to feel a bit stalled in my search for suitable masts.

While waiting for the masts I will finalize my sail plans and try to secure a supply of Dacron sailcloth.

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